Warren Warriors

Game UI Design | 2023

Project Brief

Warren warriors is a strategy based game where you join a team of jerboas in order to defend their home. You will fight against the enemy using your best strategies to advance to the next destination. Find Hau and defeat the gnomes to help protect your home.

Personal Contribution

Game UI | Graphic Elements (Title Logo, Press Kit) | Cinematic Trailor Editing

Narrative Summary

The game takes place in their home village, The Warren, where normally things are at peace. One night, the leader of the village, Hau is out doing his nightly patrols. He hears a rumbling and the walls of their village begin to shake. He starts to panic as he sees a drill rising through the ground. In a flash, he is surrounded by gnomes. They drag Hau further into the hole, that has formed from the drill. Help his friends Delbee, Baatar, Oktai and Stringbean get Hau back and save their village. Act quickly, and be strategic. Their leader Hel is on her way! Pick up your sword, and fight against the enemy.

Core Mechanics

UI Showcase

UI Anatomy

In Battle UI

Turn Switching Screen

Behind Scene Story

This project stands out within the major due to its unique focus on a strategic game, a less common choice among students. Its development posed significant challenges as it required extensive programming and UI design work, compounded by a shortage of skilled personnel in these areas. Consequently, the production process was tumultuous, marked by numerous bugs and complexities in implementing the user interface. As the sole contributor dedicated to UI and graphic components, I initially lacked familiarity with game UI principles upon joining the project. However, through diligent effort, I managed to deliver satisfactory results.

Team Roster

Camden Galvin - Project Lead

Kevin Krupinski - Project Lead and Art Director

Daniel Grubbs - Lead Programmer

Jack Weimerskirch - Lead Designer

Parker Glisson - Lead Sound Designer and Prop Artist

Leo Lee - Lead Character Artist

Haley Cargo - Texture and Environment Artist

Kyle Touchet - Materials and Environment Artist

Dante Gisleson - Game Designer

Jason Jenkins - Game Designer and Systems Programmer

Jin Qian - UI/UX Designer

Dante Zhang - Prop Artist

Danielle Foxx - VFX Artist, Environment Artist

Joshua Wheeler - Concept Artist

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Published 2024

Designed by Jin Qian