Graphic Design | 2022

Project Brief

In the year 2173, beneath the icy crust of Neptune’s moon Triton, lies an uncharted ocean where the legendary wreck of the Charybdis awaits.

In Charybdis, players lead submarine crews, hired by rival corporations vying to recover the mysterious black box from this enigmatic wreck. As you dive into Triton’s dark, alien waters, you'll face strategic decisions: complete challenging work orders, upgrade your sophisticated submarine, and outmaneuver competing crews in a tense race to the black box.

What secrets does Charybdis hold? What draws these corporations to Triton's depths? Prepare for a game of cunning tactics and deep-sea discovery.

Personal Contribution

Game Bits Graphic | Title Design | Logo Design | Rule Book Typology | Trailor Editing

Logo Design

Logos of the game and 5 ships

Play Cards

Map Tiles

Rule Book

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Published 2024

Designed by Jin Qian